• 1. When will my Pilipinas 911 subscription be activated?

    Within 24 hours after the successful registration of your on-line payment, SMS registration (Pilipinas911 Lifesaver), or duly-accomplished Application Forms with corresponding payment.  
  • 2. When can I call Pilipinas 911?

    Pilipinas 911 can be called anytime, 24×7, when you have a medical, safety or security emergency anywhere there is a telephone or a cellular signal in the Philippines.
  • 3. How does Pilipinas 911 work?

    When you call any of the hotlines of Pilipinas 911, a call taker quickly takes your emergency details, provides on-phone assistance and, if necessary, dispatches appropriate emergency response elements to your location anywhere in the country. Please see the process flow below.
  • 4. Which numbers do I call during an emergency?

    You may any number listed in the Emergency Card that you will receive when you subcribe.   We encourage you to save the numbers in your mobile phone for quick access.
  • 5. How will I know if my case is really an emergency?

    There will be a lot of instances when you will second-guess yourself in defining what is an emergency and what is not. If you think that your health, safety or security is in jeopardy, it is better for you to call anyway. Our personnel are trained to determine the severity of your emergency as well as in giving you the right kind of assistance.
  • 6. What kinds of emergencies does Pilipinas 911 provide assistance for?

    Examples of emergencies are: chest pain, extreme headache, abdominal pain, seizures, convulsions, stroke, unconsciousness, choking, difficulty breathing, animal bite, bleeding, poisoning, drug overdose, excessive bleeding, diarrhea, vomiting, skeletal injuries, drowning, blood pressure problems, allergic reactions, trauma cases (vehicular accidents, shooting incidents, electrocution, stabbing, falls, etc.), theft/hold-up, carnap, hijacking, burglary, kidnapping, fire, flooding, earthquake and natural disasters.
  • 7. Will there be an ambulance, police, fire, coast guard assistance dispatched whenever I call Pilipinas 911?

    For medical emergencies, not all cases need immediate ambulance transport to the hospital. The call taker may give an option to avail of ambulance transport or not since such dispatch will involve charges to you by the ambulance provider.   For police or other assistance, if the nature of the emergency is life critical, assistance will be sent right away.
  • 8. Can the call taker prescribe medication?

    Although our call takers and dispatchers are trained medical professionals, they are not allowed to prescribe medication. Please contact your doctor for prescriptions.
  • 9. Can you book appointments for doctors?

    No. Pilipinas 911 is an emergency call-taking and dispatching service. It only assists in medical or life-threatening emergencies as listed in no. 7 above. The service does not include booking doctor’s appointments or routine check ups.
  • 10. What do I tell the call taker when I call Pilipinas 911?

    i. Your exact location

    ii. Nature of your emergency

    iii. Call-back number

    iv. Patient’s name (if not you)

    v. Condition of patient

    vi. Other relevant details

    Answer the call taker’s questions as directly, concisely and calmly as possible.

    It may seem that we ask a lot of questions, but these questions are designed to get all vital information in the quickest possible manner.

  • 12. Why does the call-taker need to ask questions?

    In order for us to send you the most appropriate response, we need to find out as much details as we can on what is wrong with you. The questions are designed to help us zero in on your most probable condition (what we call Chief Complaint) and not just work on the symptoms which could be confusing at times.

    An example is a case of difficulty in breathing which could make a patient feel like he/she is having a heart attack. With proper questioning (phone Triage), we may find-out that it could be caused by an allergic reaction from the food taken from the last meal.

    When you call us for an emergency, please bear with our Call-takers as their sole interest is your safety and well-being.

  • 13. What is the charge rate for dispatch of ambulance, police, fire or coast guard assistance?

    Pilipinas 911 subscribers get two (2) free ambulance dispatches per year for Premium Solo and three (3) for Premium Family. Beyond this, the subscriber will pay the ambulance provider directly.

    Other non-private assistance (police, fire or coast guard) is free of charge. 

  • 14. What ambulance services can you send dispatch from?

    Currently, we may request for ambulance dispatch from Lifeline, Emergency One, Ambucore, Statcare and other local ambulance units within Metro Manila.

    Outside Metro Manila, we may call on the ambulance services of hospitals/medical facilities, Local Government Unit emergency response or volunteer response groups.

  • 15. What hospitals may I be brought to if an ambulance is dispatched?

    If you are conscious upon extraction by the ambulance team, you may opt to be brought to a hospital or medical facility of your choice. Otherwise, the ambulance provider will bring you to the nearest medical facility that is equipped to provide the proper treatment for your condition.
  • 16. Are tow truck requests free?

    No. We will send a tow truck to your location but the expense is for your account.
  • 17. Can I call Pilipinas 911 using someone else’s phone or land line?

    Yes, you will just need to verify your identity to the call taker by answering some questions.